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Lies of P Influencer kit

A dark retelling of the Pinocchio story, Neowiz’ twisted action fantasy, Lies of P, launched late 2023. Weaving aspects of the classic fable through a world inspired by the decadent yet doomed Belle Epoque era preceding the outbreak of WW1, our puppet mechanoid protagonist, P, navigates mechanical marvels and monstrous enemies in his quest to become human.

Client Neowiz briefed us to produce seventy-five show-stopping VIP influencer kits to celebrate launch. Our approach? Capture the essence of the game’s aesthetic, storytelling, and narrative heart by bringing Gepetto’s trunk to life, filled with a treasure trove of contents conveying key elements.

For a punchy first impression, the case’s black leatherette exterior features a sculptural golden fist created using metallic resin techniques, in the era’s distinctive visual style. Within, our hero item, P’s mechanical heart, is antique gold and beautifully crafted - an intricate ode to his quest to become human.

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Alongside the heart, an ornamental pennant represents the city of Krat, while wax sealed, string bound scrolls depict the city’s map and a ‘Chamber of Machina Workshop’ propaganda poster. A leather pouch contains three antique gold, leather backed badges representing key organisations at loggerheads in the game, and an Ergo stone - the precious, mysterious crystal - serving as both powersource, and Krat’s currency.

The results? As Stephen, our designer, says: ‘It was one of the best kits I’ve ever worked on. We achieved a ‘triple threat’ of success: the client was happy, the kit was well received and a success, and personally, I feel huge pride in the finished product.”

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