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Final Fantasy XVI: An Eikonic Kit

For over 30 years, the Final Fantasy series has delighted generations of gamers, selling over 160 million units worldwide. The latest title, Final Fantasy XVI, is a PlayStation 5 exclusive and the first fully fledged Action RPG iN the mainline series. It brought players into a world where some people are blessed with the ability to call upon a deadly powerful creature, an Eikon, that resides within them - with the story following Clive Rosfield’s mission to free mankind from its fate, using his Eikonic powers to overcome every obstacle his enemies lay before him!

The initial brief from Square Enix involved a pitch against a number of other agencies; an influencer kit, to possibly contain a journal/notebook, tankard, wax seal and presentation box - that played on the game’s “medieval, swords, magic and dark fantasy” themes. Working to a tight timeframe, our winning proposal saw us source manufacturers from the UK and overseas to facilitate our desired final product; a kit of the game world, utilising tactile materials and finishes that would allow each kit to be a unique representation of this esteemed title.

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It's all in the detail

The bellyband was removed via a hessian tie at the rear, revealing a 3D antique silver Ifrit Eikon insignia on the lid of the wooden chest - set amidst graphic details and the ‘Fate Will Fall’campaign strapline. These and additional branding on the front and base of the chest were done as heat impressions, to further evoke the requested Medieval style - accentuated by the metal pins, antique lid latch and brass hinges. The chest featured a hinged lid which opened to a set angle via aged hessian rope supports, allowing recipients to take in the reveal of the game’s keyart and logo - printed on a leatherette panel - framed within the inner lid on an inset plywood panel.

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A look inside

The first piece of content within the wooden chest was a folded letter, sealed with hessian string and an applied hand stamped ‘XVI’ red diamond wax seal. The letter opened out - with a localised marketing message on the inner and further striking artwork on the outer - printed on an antique burnt edge cotton, making each letter unique. With the letter removed, an underlying plywood tray with screenprinted game logo was revealed - it’s design aiding removal to reveal the rest of the kit’s content in the base of the chest.

The content was held securely within a carefully designed wooden fitment, ensuring goods arrived safely, with the base of the tankard sitting onto a raised plinth and it’s handle held in position. Some kits featured an alternative fitment design allowing the game pack to also be included (other recipients receiving a game code via email). The tankard utilised eco-friendly wood, with each hand charred to tie into the wooden chest and evoke the fire (and wrath) of the Eikons. The tankard was finished with laser etched brass plaques affixed to the side and base - whilst the stainless steel stein ensured recipients could stay refreshed whilst playing. An accompanying tankard care card slotted behind the tankard, printed on the same style antique burnt edge cotton as the letter.

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A hand crafted final touch

The final kit item was the journal - where we utilised a dark brown tarnished leatherette with UV printed map of Valisthea and debossed logo. Leather ties, hand stitching and satin bookmarks furthered the exterior aged aesthetic - before opening to reveal 240 pages of unlined milled paper - the 1st page of which featured a black ink handstamping of the campaign strapline - mirroring the wooden chest lid.

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Distribution and feedback

We distributed 250 influencer kits to UK, Europe and Americas in advance of the game’s release date - direct to recipients or as bulk consignments for local teams to distribute. The kit received amazing feedback from the client and via social media, including: “everyone is actually ecstatic, we think the quality and pieces are phenomenal”, "this is ABSOLUTELY stunning!!" and "the quality on this kit is insane!!!". Imagery shown here taken from the kit’s production, with more to follow on a future Fluid website update.

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