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Final Fantasy VII Campaign

After working on the brand for the original game when Final Fantasy VII first launched on PlayStation back in 1997, we were thrilled to partner with Square Enix once again on the remaster of perhaps their most iconic title. Under the guidance of the original developers, Final Fantasy VII Remake brought the timeless classic to a modern audience with stunning visuals, a brand new battle system and a reimagining of the epic story the fans know and love.

The hype levels for the remake were astronomical, so Square Enix wanted to ensure that continued with a sleek and stylised media campaign. Running across a variety of different marketing beats, the campaign was set to run over Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, and Easter. Each event had its own unique messages and incentives to purchase or play the game, whether that be sales promotions, free upgrade from the PS4 to PS5 version, new DLC, and more.

After presenting Square with a variety of different options for the campaign creative direction, some of which you can see below, their team felt our bold and clean approach was the best fit and a big departure to anything they’d launched before. In addition to the core visuals, the Fluid team developed the messaging and strapline for the campaign ‘Unlock True Power’ harnessing the incredible skills and abilities the game offers its players and using that as a central point of its presentation. The core campaign asset was a minute long video featuring a combination of gameplay footage, motion graphics, text slates, and title cards. All of which were localised, versioned, and formatted for different ads, social platforms, and websites.

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Finally, we delivered a wide variety of static banners to be used online across both mobile and desktop platforms. All of which were again localised, versioned, and formatted for Square to target as much of their audience as possible. Square were thrilled with the results, and naturally we were delighted to work on the full media campaign and delivery for a game as celebrated and beloved as Final Fantasy VII.

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