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Valorant Champions Tour 2024 Finals

New meta, new faces, new ambitions… VCT EMEA 24 saw the slate wiped clean as Riot readied up for a massive new season, complete with a rebellious, distinctive brand identity unique to the EMEA market. The updated look would serve to unify the brand, acting as a rallying cry to the fierce, passionate Riot community.

Our task was two-fold: firstly, create an extended brand development guide, taking the new branding as a start point, building guidelines for existing assets, then developing and extending these to encompass an exhaustive range of assets. Secondly, our Brand, Motion and Digital teams were tasked with creation and delivery of a full creative marketing campaign, rolled out to support the new season from tease, to launch and beyond.

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3D Broadcast Maps

Following a root and branch review, our Brand division injected order and hierarchy to existing creative branding, enhancing users' understanding of the brand’s objectives and usage. Next, we extended the guide, visualising reference assets and providing creative parameters and execution examples for all potential user touchpoints, ensuring total consistency across the fan experience.

For the marketing campaign, our teams took these brand guidelines and applied them to a range of assets to tease, engage and excite, elevating the new EMEA VCT brand, whetting fans’ appetites for a season not to be missed.

VCT Brand Launch Campaign

Huge projects like this are our bread and butter. With fanatical precision, we brought order and consistency to a vast array of assets, creating and developing brand guidelines then extending these to fill any gaps in potential use-cases. The result was a complete marketing toolkit encompassing everything from animated logos to typography, key art and more, visualised for use across an array of touchpoints from stand build and social, to signage, apparel and beyond.

Next up, our Brand, Motion and Digital teams produced a full array of creative marketing campaign assets to tease and support launch, including 3D maps for VCT’s On Air team, and a suite of videos to promote key features using themes of digital disruption and rebellion, setting the tone for a season not to be missed.

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