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Full creative campaign - Deathsprint 66

Welcome to the Deadliest Show on Earth. Hotly anticipated and darkly brutal, Deathsprint 66 launches on PC late 2024. Secret Mode’s ultra-violent PvP arcade racer fuses high speed on-foot combat and deadly obstacles with a dystopian, voyeuristic future. 8 players battle through hazard-filled courses - each a cornucopia of gore and traps, pushing the boundaries of entertainment - using combat and parkour whilst vying to win Hype and increase FAME scores by gaining the favour of bloodthirsty crowds.

A 360° creative campaign for a major new IP requires the expertise, capability and creative excellence of a true full service agency. Secret Mode trusted Fluid to deliver an exceptional multi-channel campaign - and deliver we did.

Our strategic pillars underpin each creative touchpoint: a bold, innovative, clean aesthetic puts design front and centre, blending the iconic simplicity of a character-lead campaign with Deathsprint’s signature colour (Red 66, naturally), for a creative solution at the nexus of sport, sci-fi and lifestyle. Each deliverable executes our visual branding to stunning effect, ensuring cut through and consistency.

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Name and Logo

First up - name ideation. Our brainchild, ‘Deathsprint 66’ - simple, memorable, thrilling - speaks to the game’s content in a distinctive, exciting, succinct and visually pleasing manner, capped with a darkly threatening rhythmic sibilance hinting at the game’s hellish undertones.

From name, to logo. Clean simplicity, visually evocative of sport and lifestyle brands, with a sense of dynamic urgency and that signature red, our logo lockups are flexible enough to adapt across multiple executions. Whether stacked or long form horizontal, the brand stamp serves as shorthand for the entire campaign messaging.

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Key art & Edge magazine Cover

Our design-first strategy manifests dramatically in Deathsprint’s modern approach to key art. Light years apart from a game-in-a-frames, this is simple, effective brand messaging at its finest. Clean and iconic, our central Clone moves alone, tightly cropped, speeding, starkly futuristic and slick, dramatically silhouetted against our signature red backdrop - foreshadowing bloodshed to come.

And with imagery this striking, where better to launch the game and its creative than Edge magazine? Our bespoke cover artwork, stunning enough to stand alone, evolves the key art to dramatic effect, our Clone speeding on through his neon racetrack, crisp, sharp, dynamic, toward death or victory.

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Next, the website. We opted for a fixed browser experience, with intuative UI for consumers to navigate. Ominous pulsing lights bring a sense of urgency, whilst clean structure and mechanical lines frame our central iconic clone. The site’s stripped back futuristic aesthetic cements the game’s signature blend of dark, dramatic sport and lifestyle vibes.

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Announcement Trailer

Finally, the announcement trailer. Combining our existing CG pipeline with the next-gen capabilities of Unreal engine 5, we used a combination of in-game and bespoke assets to consolidate our campaign creative within the announcement trailer, to stunning effect. We also created custom sound design, using a mix of SFX and a customised version of the game’s theme music, to reinforce the branding.

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